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 Learn to choose, know how to give up, you can become your champion. 

    A fight master to participate in the tournament, think they are safe, you can win the championship. 

    Unexpectedly, in the final, he met a very strong opponent, both sides make every effort to attack. When the two sides hit the middle of the fight master realized that they actually could not find each other moves in the flaws, but each other's attacks are often able to break through their own defensive loopholes, selectively hit their own. 

    The outcome of the game can be imagined, this fight masters defeat in each other's hands, of course, can not get the championship trophy. 

    He found his master indignantly and rehearsed the process of fighting each other and him to Master again. He asked Master to help him find out the flaws in each other's moves. He is determined to exploit these flaws, training enough to overcome each other's new tactics, determined to overthrow each other in the next game, to win the trophy. 

    Master laughed without words, drawing a line on the ground that sought to shorten the line without wiping it off. 

    Fighting master baffled, how could there be a way as Master said, can make the line on the ground shorter? In the end, he gave up reluctantly and turned to Master for advice. 

    Next to the original line, Master drew a longer line. Compared to the two, the original line seems to be a lot shorter. 

    Master said: "The key to winning the championship is not just how to attack each other's weaknesses. Just like the short and long lines on the ground, if you can not shorten the line on demand, you have to know how to give up from this line Make a fuss, look for another longer line, that is, only you become stronger, the other as the original line of that same line, which in turn becomes shorter compared to how to make yourself stronger , Is the fundamental you need to practice hard. " 

    Apprentice suddenly realized. 

    Master smiled and said: "Combat to use the brain, to learn to choose to attack its weaknesses, but also know how to give up, not to fight with each other, with their weak storm, you can win the championship.

    Life perception: learn to choose, know how to give up is a required course of life. When you choose the ideal of life, if you can not tell the way, then your efforts may be futile. Success will necessarily require unremitting efforts, but efforts must be made to make the dream a reality if we choose the right and give up properly. The same applies to foreign exchange transactions Wrong direction, we must learn to give up, if insisted on the trend against, then the loss of you will always be.